Little Gransden Church Bells


Little Gransden is a small rural village in South Cambridgeshire. It lies just to the south of Great Gransden (formerly in Huntingdonshire) and three miles north of Gamlingay.

A history of the parish and church, written by Dr William Horbury during his incumbency here 1972 -1978 gives a fascinating insight into this small community.

The Bells

There are three bells.

Treble: 28″ diameter. Unknown founder. Defaced inscription: ……GL…E..W…….TA

Second: 31.5″ diameter. Founder – Thomas Bullisdon. Inscription – Sancte Necolane Ora Pro Nobis

Third: 34″ diameter. Dated 1616 probably by Tobias Norris. Inscription – Non clamoor sed amour cantat in aure Dei, “Not noise but love makes music in God’s ear”

The installation is derelict but in a clean and tidy condition. The shrowding on the wheels of 1 & 2 is disintegrating but that of the tenor is in sound order and this bell is used to chime for church services.

More details can be found on the tower details page of Dove’s Guide for Church Bell Ringers

Listen to the bells

A recording of each of the bells can be found here:

Treble bell

No2 bell

Tenor bell

The Bell Frame

The bells are hung in a low sided timber frame with an additional pit for a fourth bell. Rough pencil drawings have been made to illustrate the layout (not to scale) and can be found here.

The bells used to be rung from the clock room. There is a small warning bell on the wall to signal to the ringers. It is not known when they were last rung but it is believed to be well before the mid 20th century.

The Church Clock

The clock is by Smiths of Derby and believed to have been installed in the late 19th century. It continued to be hand wound until late 2019 when it was converted to electric winding by The Cumbria Clock Company.

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